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  • Our work will speak for you
    We are a digital provider focused on result oriented solutions


Innovative Experiences and Technology

As a Digital solution provider, we provide result-driven solutions for start-ups to boost performance.
Our IoT solutions from development to implementation give an edge to your business without any hassle.
With innovative solutions, we deliver apps for Enterprise that helps them to excel in the market.


Your Idea, Our Approach


Well known for innovative strategies to achieve strategic goals with digital


State of the art designs that brings up the popularity of the product.


The focused vision, we emphasis on simplicity that shapes an idea into reality.

End-to-End Solutions and Offerings


Mobile Application Development

With the motive to provide highly secure and scalable apps, we provide enhanced solutions for iOS and Android on any platform.


Creating the best of experience, bound to create magical spell helping brand identity, brand building, and lag-free interface.


NFT Marketplace | Solana | Polkadot | Matic/Polygon | Polkadot | Ethereum

Play2Earn NFT

Axie Infinity | DungeonSwap | F1 Delta Time | CryptoKitties | Evolution Land | Prospectors | Gods unchained

Wearable NFTs

Smart Watches | Health Trackers | Smart Clothing | Smart Jwellery | Digitible NFT | AR/VR

Staking & Lending Platform

Celsius | Youholder | BlockFi | Hodlnaut | | CoinLoan

IEO Launchpad

Akropolis | Ampleforth | Band Protocol | BitTorrent | Cartesi | Celer Network | Chromia (KuCoin IEO)

Cross Chain Bridge

Binance Smart Chain Bridge | Bitcoin Cash Smartbch Bridge | Solana's Wormhole Bridge | Avalanche Bridge

Smart Contract

Smart Contract Architecture | Smart Contract Design and Development | Smart Contract Audit | Smart Contracts Optimization


Polygon NFT Marketplace, Token, Minting, NFT Gaming Platform, DApp

Ethereum dApps

Financial Apps dApps | Semi-Financial dApps | DeFi | NFTs | DAOs | DEXs | Stablecoin

Web Application Development

With the use of different high on tech platforms, we deliver web apps that are fast and responsible to perform as per your needs.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Enterprise and startup oriented solutions to suit your business, we provide cross-platform solutions with the high on tech framework.

NFT Music

Crypto Music NFT | Audio NFT Crypto | Musicians NFT | Soundcloud NFT | Opulous Music NFT

Dynamic NFT Minting

Lazy Minting | Opensea Minting | Binance NFT Minting | erc721 Minting | Polygon NFT Mint

PancakeSwap Clone Script

Staking & Yield Farming | The Exchange | Lottery System | NFTs | Swapping | Liquidity | Voting System

IDO Launchpad

GameFi | Seedify | Starpunk | TrustPad | DAO Maker | Bounce | PAID Network | BSCPad | Red Kite

Own Blockchain

Centralized Private Blockchain | Decentralized Private Blockchain | Hybrid Private Blockchain


Decentralized Autonomous Ogranization | Automation | Decentralization

P2P Exchange

Robust Trading Engine | Security | Global Trading | Multi-Language Support | Escrow System

POS Blockchain

Proof of Stake | Cardano (ADA) | Algorand (ALGO) | Tezos (XTZ) | PIVX | Consensus Algorithm

Casino Games NFT

NFT Gambling | GambelingApes | Virtual Metaverse Casino | Rollbit

Digital Marketing

Solutions in digital marketing to build brand establishing customer and brand relations. That helps in business growth and in making a brand.

BOTS Solution

Be it a chatbot or instructional bot, the uniqueness which you expect from your bot is highly considered and delivered.

NFT Gaming

Sega NFT | Axie Infinity | Pokemon | Roblox | Pinata | Kogs | Action | Adventure | PvP Battle | Board

Ethereum NFT

Data coordination | Rapid Deployment | Permissioned Networks | Network Size | Private Transactions | Sacalability & Performance

DeFi Borrowing & Lending Platform

Aave | Maker | Uniswap | Compound | InstaDApp | dYdX | SushiSwap | Dharma Protocol | Curve Finance

ICO Launchpad

Ochain | Aergo | Agoric | AIKON | Algorand | Ankr Network | ArcBlock | ARPA | Auditchain | Bitfinex

Goose DeFi

Goose Finance | Goose Finance DeFi Exchange | Goose Finance Clone Script | Goose Finance on Binance


Moloch DAO | Charity DAO | FlamengoDAO | WhaleDAO | MakerDAO | Aave | Uniswap


Solidity REPL | Solgraph | Evmdis | Doxity

Arbitrage BOT

BTC Robot | Gekko | Zenbot | CryptoTrader | Hassbot | Coinbase | Kraken | Bittrex | CEX.IO | Poloniex

Royal Q Clone

Crypto Currency Trading Bot | Royal Quantitative | Huboi | Binance | Royal Q Royal Intelligent Quantitative


Our Valuable Clients

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